Professional speaker and author, Jeffrey Hosick, PhD, is a veteran firefighter, fire department chaplain, psychotherapist and trauma specialist.

Jeffrey serves those who serve others, supports families, resets marriages, and has created a powerful method to heal nightmares.

Jeffrey supports first responders, police, fire, ambulance, nurses, child protection workers, military and correctional officers when they are too traumatized to work.

Through his work, Jeffrey has developed “The Shift Technique”, a foolproof approach to understanding and erasing the effects of flashbacks. He holds a PhD in counselling, and his ability to put complex ideas into easy to understand language makes him a sought after counsellor.

Some of Jeffrey’s most popular keynotes include:

Line of Fire: Eliminate the Flashbacks

The keynote, Line of Fire, serves first responders and the unsungheroes, who give their all to serve others. The basic premise is that they can maintain the passion they had when they joined the service. It is dedicated to find a clear path for a long carreer, so these valiant workers can retire on their own terms at their own time. Line of Fire does this not just for the first responder, but for those who love them and pay the price with them. Unhealed trauma does not stay at work but goes everywhere they go.

Discover how to:

  • Control your nightmares, panic attacks and racing mind
  • Permanently erase the impact of the images, smells and sounds tattooed on your brain
  • Master the ability to do this yourself when needed

When Worlds Collide

How do you manage? Some are on high alert at work, but find it difficult, at shift end, to hang out with family. Some have a go-go-go adrenaline lifestyle but find it difficult to shut it off at night and can’t sleep. Some wrestle with anxiety or worry about all kinds of things that will never happen. They may even be considered bossy in their relationships wiht others. If this is you, this keynote is for you.

Master the art of:

  • Bridging the gap between being on high alert at work to hanging out with the family after work
  • Figuring out what’s going on internally so you can put those close to you at ease
  • Step up so you are in command of your conscious and unconscious brain

Unsung Heroes

This Keynote recognizes the dedication first responders make to public safety – often at considerable cost to themselves. The public does not always fully realize this dedication. Some stressed responders who do not represent their profession, act in ways that draw negative attention. Negative attention makes it more difficult for first responders to act effectively. How do you serve the public when the public doesn’t understand you? How does that affect your relationships with your colleagues? How does that affect your life at home?

Learn to:

  • Serve the public especially when the public turns against you
  • Always remember your higher calling
  • Develop strong relationships with colleagues

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