One of the challenges of having a “Type A” personality, recovering from the adrenaline habit, and living with the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder is how to understand me as the connection between all my projects. In the previous decades, a part of me would be a firefighter, a part of me a chaplain, a part of me a counsellor, a part of me a prison volunteer, a part of me a pastor, a part of me a husband. I enjoyed the variety of different expressions. I enjoyed shifting focus from one to another. My ex-wife reminded me the cost of managing that operating system in the way I did. She felt as important as the other tasks and often was the recipient of remaining energy at home base. Committing myself to stop neglecting relationships is one of the reasons I dedicate myself to growing healthy relationships, particularly of recovering adrenaline junkies like me.

Back in 2011, Frances Schagen, a business mentor and close friend invited me to speak at a TEDx on positive disruption. The subtitle was how to bring your tribe with you through change. When I gave the speech, I thought I was speaking to groups of people within one organization. As I listen to myself now, I hear myself talking to another level of my awareness. All of my parts that are seemingly disconnected often function as a group of individual components, and not as a connected whole. The journey to personal wholeness bears an uncanny resemblance to the route of group unity. I thought I would repost this video, which is easily and readily available on YouYube. It’s time for me to step up and unify all the pieces, or at least have a strategy for broader awareness and the grace to accept things as it currently exists.

Keeping with this theme for the spring, I have committed myself to replant and foster awareness of how all these pieces travel with me. Time for some roots with the hope of something blossoming and bearing fruit at a later time. I will post quizzes and self-reflection tools in the coming months to invite others to join me on this journey. I am currently working on an online self-care course. Until that is ready, enjoy this video, and thank you, Frances, for the invitation to speak at TEDx.