Sometimes people know they want an appointment but are unsure how to start or what to say.  These questions come by way of Coachville, and the work of Thomas Leonard.  Thanks Thomas!!!

How You Are…

How are you feeling about yourself – good stuff and bad?

How are you looking at your life?

How are you feeling about others?

What Has Happened Since the Last Call…

What has occurred to you since the last call?

Shifts, wins and insights.

Any new choices or decisions made?

Personal news.

What Are You Working On…

Progress report on your goals, projects and activities.

What have you done that you are proud of?

What are you coming up against?

How Can I Help…

Where are you stuck?

Are you wondering about something?

A distinction.

A Plan of Action.

A Strategy or advice.

What Is Next…

What is the next goal or project to take on?

What is the next goal or distinction to understand?

What do you want for yourself next?