Jeffrey wears many hats. One is a firefighter’s helmet.

Psychotherapist, Fire Department Chaplain, Trauma Specialist, Author, Professional Speaker and Firefighter

Jeffrey serves those who serve others. His work supports first responders and their families, resets marriages, and has led him to create a powerful method to heal nightmares. “The Shift” is a foolproof approach to understanding and erasing the effects of flashbacks.

Jeffrey supports first responders, police, fire, ambulance, nurses, child protection workers, military and correctional officers when they are too traumatized to work.

A note from Jeffrey:

“You can maintain the passion you had when you first joined the service.  As first responders, we have this bittersweet appreciation for slow days. We like when nothing bad happens. It’s the busy days with bells ringing in our ears, wiping soot and salt from our faces, that we question the nobility of our cause.

The counselling and resources I provide, the knowledge I share, can help you keep an even keel through the storms. Maintaining your resilience is an ongoing process – recognizing this is the first step.”

Jeffrey received his PhD from Luther Seminary in diversified counselling.  He provides Employee Assistance Counselling, on site support for trauma debriefings, and is an instructor of the Shift Technique. He also entertains as Dr. Jeff in Mastering the Circus of Your Mind, a hypnosis comedy stage show.

A member of the Raging Knights Fire Fighter Motorcycle Club and lifelong learner, Jeffrey lives in Kentville, Nova Scotia.