The Way Out of Workplace Drama

Have you noticed a manager within your organization that hasn’t been given the correct tools or tactics to deal with the drama that happens or situations that are disruptive to your company?

Do you see them struggling to resolve issues with immediate solutions? Are you worried they are getting mixed up in the drama as they are trying to resolve it?

Would you like to find a way to solve this and give your managers or leaders the tools and training to help make their jobs easier, dissolve coworker drama, or even tactics to know how to quickly eliminate the drama without getting involved?

That’s why I created The Way Out of Workplace Drama

The Way Out of Workplace Drama is a program that allows companies to leverage a systemized approach to solving the complex issues that come to their attention.

We call this: How to Say Only 5 Words that Save 5 Hours of Conversation and we do this in 3 Phases.

Phase 1 –

We start phase 1 by identifying ways to eliminate personal injected drama by studying ways to self-check how a manager or leader contributes to the problem.

 Phase 2 –

Next, we examine the roles of the victim, perpetrator, and rescuer to see how they interact and often switch positions. During this simulation, we use real-life examples from the workplace and add accountability to see how the information given was integrated into the situation.

 Phase 3 –

Lastly, we practice strategies for managing more delicate coworkers without discounting nor placating the problems.

Why 3 Phases?

It’s important to split this into three phases so your team can see how each phase coincides with one another. By playing the role of manager and then of the victim, the manager is able to put themselves in the shoes of each party. Lastly, in phase three, your management team will learn the exact strategies to use moving forward so drama in the workplace is eliminated in as little as 5-words.

Is My Company a Good Candidate for This Program?





In every company, there’s a manager or leader that’s in charge of overseeing employees and often times, that position comes with challenges.

The challenge of:

  • Removing yourself from injected drama
  • Finding constructive and effective ways to eliminate drama between coworkers
  • Learning how to conduct a personal self-check to see if the problem lies within management
  • Correctly examining each role of the victim, perpetrator, and rescuer

Sometimes, it can be difficult for the leaders/managers to separate themselves from the situation after it’s been brought to their attention. And, even when after it’s been brought to their attention, you may hear the issues still persists creating a toxic environment for all days or weeks later. That means the problem was not solved nor handled correctly.

The Way Out of Workplace Drama was created to quickly nip any problem and eliminate them completely by giving management or company leaders the correct strategies and understanding on how to handle these complex situations.

If your company has ever experienced a little workplace drama, then this program is right for you.

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