You don’t have to suffer flashbacks on your own.

A West Hants County Veteran Volunteer firefighter and psychotherapist Jeffrey Hosick, Ph.D., has created a free video for first responders and non-first responders about flashbacks. He helps others resolve their flashbacks so they don’t accumulate into PTSD.

“A flashback is an incomplete experience which surprises us like a jack in the box when we least expect it. A flashback takes away our ability to deal with what is happening right now in my life.  Most people are terrified of what lays in their past and need someone to guide them out of their personal hell.”

Dr. Jeffrey Hosick, former paramedic, 20 year veteran of volunteer fire service holds a PhD in diversified counseling and is a practicing psychotherapist, chaplain, and trauma specialist.  

Dr. Hosick, has created a five part video series to help first responders, and non-first responders who suffer flashbacks and the people who care for them,supporters, therapists and chaplains, to share a common language about flashbacks that identify, map out, and resolve the surprise of why they appear, and what they do to us.

“First responders suffer because of flasbacks and their partners, their children, and their community suffer the consequences.  It is important for me to loan my words to those who suffer from flashbacks, to help them understand what is happening, and to help resolve them.”  

To view the video and learn more information on Dr. Hosick’s visit; | 902.678.0538 |