Jeffrey Hosick serves first responders – the unsung heroes who give their all to serve others – because their work begins when bad things happen. He is dedicated to helping first responders find a clear path for a long career, so you can retire on your own terms at your own time.

Jeffrey does this not just for the first responder, but for those who love them: spouse, children, grandchildren and friends who pay the price with you. Unhealed trauma does not stay at work.

I had the pleasure of hearing Jeff Hosick speak on several occasions and was moved by his passion for what possible and his profound belief that the world is made better by those who help others with a giving heart. Peter Davison

President, Innerwealth Seminars

I have seen Jeff speak many times and have witnessed him as a counsellor and coach in person and in teleconference. As a presenter, Jeff’s style is engaging. He prepares for his audience and reaches them with clear prose and an ability to ask thought provoking questions. As a counsellor and coach Jeff is compassionate and easy to speak with because of his open and non-judgemental approach.  He also has a quick wit and warm sense of humour. Pam Robertson

I have used Jeffrey’s Services for sometime now and I would recommend Jeffrey’s Services to any Individual or Organization looking to build professional and personal resiliency. I’ve seen results from the beginning. A great Return on Investment! Sherry L. Andrews, B.A.(MUS).A

Associate, Investors Group Financial Services Inc.